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Primary School

We are a community of learners, where children, staff members, families, and the overall community learn and grow together. We take care of ourselves, others, and the world around us.

Trabajando en un proyecto escolar

Our educational approach honors curiosity and enjoyment as a catalyst for deep
and meaningful learning. We engage our learners through various dynamic
methods, ensuring a rich and diverse learning experience. With daily rhythms that
provide a fluent structure and a team of staff members that take advantage of
emerging learning opportunities, we ensure a continuous learning environment.

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Our Learning Objectives

At Ecovilla School, our mission is to empower children by fostering a balanced development that brings essential life skills and academic excellence. We believe in equipping learners with the skills and knowledge needed not only for academic success but also for navigating life with resilience, empathy, and a passion for continuous learning.

Life Skills


Appreciation for connection

Our approach fosters a profound appreciation for
community and relationships, enabling learners to build and maintain strong,
meaningful connections.

Image by Jennie Razumnaya

Audacity for self-expression

We encourage our learners to confidently and
creatively honor themselves

Nubes de luna


to achieving dreams

Our learners learn to set relevant goals and
pursue them with inspired dedication.

Exploración de la naturaleza

Curiosity for exploration and learning

We nurture active curiosity and a passion
for lifelong learning.

Niños felices

Emotional awareness

Developing emotional
intelligence is key at our learning center.

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Biocare for health and regeneration

We instill in our learners an understanding
of health and self-care.

Academic Skills

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Fosters logical thinking, problem-solving skills, and numerical literacy

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Enhances communication skills, cultural awareness, and empathy.

Clase de ciencias


Encourages inquiry and experimentation, promoting an understanding
of the natural world


Social Studies

Provides insights into societal structures and historical contexts.

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Arts & Crafts

Cultivates creativity, 
while encouraging learners to create useful and meaningful things

Do you want to know more?

Download our full school presentation to go deeper into our innovative approach, unique programs, and commitment to nurturing holistic development in every child. 

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