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Early Childhood

Our preschool nurtures the freedom, uniqueness, and innate curiosity of each child. We focus on supporting their needs, interests, and unique developmental pace through a safe environment that promotes autonomy and the natural awakening of their capabilities.

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Educational Approach

We favor a flexible and adaptive learning approach.

Adults act as facilitators of discoveries, collaborating and accompanying a learning process that nurtures a relationship of mutual respect between adults and children, allowing a meaningful and personalized experience. The constant evolution of their experience ensures that the changing needs and skills of children are met as they progress in their growth.

Active Exploration: A Path Guided by Curiosity

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Children's innate curiosity guides their learning.

Through active exploration, children integrate cognitive, physical, and emotional development, enabling them to use their senses and motor skills to explore their world, learn to try new ideas, make mistakes to learn from them, adapt, and solve challenges.

Children become enthusiastic learners actively seeking knowledge in an abundant and balanced environment.

The careful and thoughtful design of experiences, spaces, and projects that lead children to active exploration is the fuel to preserve and nurture curiosity within the following scenarios :


Free Play

A space for spontaneous exploration with imagination, creativity, and autonomous decision-making.


Enriching Environments

Stimulating learning and development spaces intentionally designed to encourage exploration, discovery, and the integral growth of children independently and autonomously.


Play-Based Learning

Activities designed to spark curiosity, creativity, and exploration, where children develop knowledge by interacting with the environment and their peers in a spirit of freedom and respect.


Living Connection with Nature

Experiential and practical learning prioritizing direct child interaction with the natural world, including natural spaces, animal interactions in the "farm," and participation in food production in the garden.

Discover our Early Childhood Space

Our approach promotes an environment that prioritizes comprehensive respect, stimulates connection, and enhances emotional skills development.

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