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Ecovilla School

Transforming Education for a Brighter Present and Future.

Welcome to Ecovilla School, where education becomes a unique experience for children aged 18 months to 18 years. Our school, located in San Mateo de Alajuela, is designed to help each child to find their own talents and develop their potential in a creative and sustainable environment.

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Our Why

Evolving Education for a Brighter Present and Future


In Service of Diverse
Learner Needs

Recognition of each learner's individual needs and nurturing their unique talents and aspirations.


Fostering Active Learning and Creativity

A model that engages learners in active discovery and creative thinking.


Bridging Theoretical and
Practical Learning

Bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical, real-world experiences.


Connected to
the Community

Value of learning in the community and developing awareness of learners' roles in an interconnected world.

Our purpose

Our Learners in Their Future Lives

Our learners embody a harmonious blend of independence, community engagement, and innovative thinking. They inspire regeneration and community upliftment, showcasing a profound comprehension of global interconnectivity.

Our Mutual Expectations

We are a community of learners, where children, staff members, families, and the overall community learn and grow together.

The Essence of Our Approach

At the heart of our pedagogic model, we embrace all learners, nurturing their innate potential while fostering care for themselves, others, and the world.

How do we honor each learner?

Ecovilla School - Our Essence

Ecovilla School - Our Essence

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Purpose-Driven Learning

Guiding learners to find and follow their passions, inspiring them to pursue learning with intention and direction.

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Respect for Uniqueness

Recognizing and valuing the uniqueness of all learners, fostering an environment where they feel honored and appreciated for who they are.

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Potentiating Talents and Capacities

Actively identifying and nurturing each learner's unique talents and gifts.

Discover our spaces

Ensuring optimal conditions for effective learning and personal development is foundational to our approach. At Ecovilla School we prioritize creating a safe space where learners can flourish without fear. This commitment extends to fostering emotional safety, emphasizing the development of inner security.

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